Welcome to A Remarkable Résumé

Welcome to A Remarkable Résumé

Experience Matters...Yours and Mine

Welcome to A Remarkable Résumé! We offer a variety of services to help you improve your employment search success. Whether you are in the market for a new job, a promotion or just want to be prepared, we can help you produce professional personal marketing tools that will help sell your value to a potential or current employer.   

All documents and services are customized based on your individual needs.  Every person's situation is unique, your education, employment history,  professional affiliations, areas of expertise, the position you are seeking and  industry all comprise your individual "story" and can impact the format, font, design,  and keywords used to market your skills.

You might wonder "Why would I hire someone to write a résumé, when I can do it myself?"  I have been writing résumés for 15+ years and have written 1000's of résumés. I previously spent fifteen years in management positions, for a Global, Fortune 100 organization in Sales, Operations, Finance, Customer Service, Human Resources and Organizational Development roles. In addition, I led national recruiting and staffing initiatives, which afforded me the opportunity to review 1,000's of entry-level to executive résumés. 

Why Hire a Professional?

Professional résumé writers have writing, design and editing skills and the expertise to assist you in best positioning your strengths, minimizing your weaknesses and increasing the likelihood your résumé will make it to the top of the prospective candidate lists. As a member of multiple professional organizations, dedicated to helping  career and employment seekers, I avail myself of the ongoing training offered to continue learning and remain current with employment trends. In addition, I am a Certified Professional Résumé Writer; passed a comprehensive exam administered by highly-experienced resume writing peers.

Don't miss potential opportunities by underselling the value you have to offer a potential employer!!

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